Shape Up Lighting by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee
by Harry / August 29, 2014

Shape Up Lighting by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a celebration of geometric shapes, and materials.


Details: Shape Up's abstracted lampshade forms, some made of hand-blown glass by glass designer John Hogan, are networked via connecting cords and hubs.


Versatile, the pendant lighting has four primary shade shapes: metal cone, glass sphere, cylinder, and arc. When combined with L&G's adjustable height option, the lamps can be adjusted in height at any time via the solid brass counterweight and pulley hardware.


The resulting modular system allows the shapes to be suspended and composed indefinitely in response to a space's architecture and function. "As if connecting the dots, the cord network graphically expresses the light sources' formal and electrical connection to each other." say the designers.


"These playful collages upend traditional notions of symmetry in favor of a dynamic spatial harmony."


Designer: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a Seattle based design studio with a focus on creating a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and beyond. Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's playful explorations in materiality blend their resourceful curiosity with the desire to find unexpected pairings of material and function.


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