Endless Light by Bram Vanderbeke
by Harry / July 22, 2014

Bram Vanderbeke's Endless is a series of lights with mirrors inside that offer a variety of patterns for infinite reflection.


Details: The series consists of three different sized light/mirror combinations. A movable translucent mirror creates different endless light patterns that "makes you look in to infinity, or place yourself into it" says the designer. The lamp shapes are cast in resin and change colour depending on the light source and according to their translucency.


"The endless lights started out of a fascination to create a container for the future. Followed by wanting to show the endlessness of the future, and giving people the possibility to place themselves in this endlessness, and create a place to stare in and dream. People can start to invent their own future, and escape their busy environments for a while."


Via: Via MOCO Submit.


+ bramvanderbeke.com


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