Ferrádica Dishes by Cenlitrosmetrocadrado
by Harry / June 10, 2014

Each plate in cenlitrosmetrocadrado's Ferrádica collection is a "smallholding", like a parcel of land divided into tiny plots.

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Details: Noticing a growing popularization of haute-cuisine in the home, and its attendant use of techniques and tools from big restaurants, cenlitrosmetrocadrado set out to create tableware "more in synch with these changes".


"During our research, we came across many dishes that were little gastronomic games; dishes that played with contrasting elements, juxtaposing the dry and the wet, the cold and the warm; dishes that played with different textures, and sequential dishes in which ingredients were to be tasted in a certain order." says cenlitrosmetrocadrado.


"Thus, we wanted to strengthen this playfulness by bringing the fragmentation to the serving plates themselves. Our point reference became clear rather quickly - we transformed each plate in a 'smallholding' divided into tiny 'plots'."


"The different shapes and finishes of these little plots ('ploughed', flat and concave to hold anything from dry snacks to stews and soups) and their combinations create three serving plates that cover the usual functions of traditional tableware."


"All of the pieces can be used independently or jointly to create different micro-topographies on the table."


Designer: cenlitrosmetrocadrado is a design and communication studio formed of industrial designers Xabier Rilo Calvo, Manuel del Río Regos and Ricardo Tubío Pazos.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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