Bounce Seating by Véronique Baer
by Harry / May 28, 2014

Véronique Baer's Bounce is a conic foam sculpture which transforms into a soft and comfortable chair the moment someone sits on it.

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Details: Bounce is a family of three seats, Anton, Christine and Olaf, that easily adapt to body shapes and that "bounce" back after users get up and leave. Their symmetrical shape invites people to sit from any side and in any position.


Bounce is composed of just two foam plates glued together by their ends to build the body of each chair.


"Big Anton will surround its user with back and side support when someone sits in it, while Christine is a soft comfortable chair and little Olaf has the function of a stool. They make a lovely picture when standing together." says Baer.


Bounce is on display now at the DMY Berlin exhibition until June 1, 2014.


Source: Photos by Peter van Nobelen.


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