NYCxDESIGN 2014: Nooka Zonal Exhibition
by Harry / May 21, 2014

Optimistic Technofuturism, it's the NOOKA design philosophy and it was on display during NYCxDESIGN 2014 at Nooka Zonal, an exhibition curated by Nooka founder Matthew Waldman and Marc Thorpe of Marc Thorpe Design. Above, Paul Loebach's ultra-minimal Audio Membranes headset.

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Highrise Shoes by Rem D Koolhaas

"Highrise Shoes do not first appear to be a shoe, but rather resembles a scale model of a building even with scale figures inside. Suddenly, giant feet go in and the buidlings became shoes and walk away. The Highrise Shoes are in actuality two distinct pieces that fit together, the support and the top, to create a unique design. The product is a play on the idea of architecture meeting fashion and scale, and questions: what makes a shoe a shoe?" - Rem D Koolhaas

Best known for their innovative time pieces and accessories, Nooka set out to present the merger of fashion and technology with Zonal.


Selfie Mirror Camera by Joe Doucet

"Selfie Mirror Camera is an embodiment of the core zone, as a way of viewing who we really are and how we perceive ourselves to be. A clear expression of this facilitated by social media is the "selfie." The Selfie Mirror Camera both comments on this and celebrates it. The form is an expression of simplicity while the cut in shape allows for the mirror to raise itself to eye level when set down." - Joe Doucet

Taking inspiration from the vedic chakras, the exhibition featured designs for one of the seven zones, starting in the human body and extending it to the world.


Cosmic Messenger by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva

"Cosmic Messenger is a form of communication where an audio message is recorded and sent to space. It is a new format for the old school 'message in a bottle'. Instead of the ocean, the recorded message goes into the infinity of space. Cosmic Messenger has speakers that plays audio that a person wants to be sent. All the voyage is recorded by 360 degree camera. The camera sends video signal to Earth, so the user feels they are like a space traveler, sending his voice into space and watching it travel through the eye of the camera. His message becomes a part of infinity, and travels into the future." - Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva

Each designer was assigned a zone - Foundation, Locomotion, Creation, Core, Heart, Head and Dream - for which they designed a corresponding product.


Conceptime by Marc Thorpe

"Conceptime for Nooka is a conceptual Sci-Fi product, finding itself available on the market in the year 2030. Wearable technology that displays the time in three dimensions via interactive holographic projection off the glass surface. The information is controlled, transferred and displayed through cerebral thought patterns. The band is bio mechanically responsive to automatically adjust to your wrist through integrated biometric nano sensors." - Marc Thorpe


Unleashed by Nolen Niu

"Unleashed is a dog collar that requires no extra handheld device or fussy hooks and rings. The built-in retractable leash snaps into place on the collar and is released with a push of a button on the underside. The LED displays vital information such as the dog and owners' name, address and telephone number. It also syncs to your iPhone with Bluetooth connectivity and an app that can be downloaded to track you dogs' location via GPS. The app can also be set to activate the collars' "vibration training system" which is a painless alternative to traditional shock collars. This enables the owner to eventually be leash free in time as the dog is trained to the vibration radius preset on the iPhone app." - Nolen Niu


Fulfilment Clock by Todd Bracher

"Fulfilment Clock The fulfillment clock brings to the user the most extreme type of cycle on any wearable piece. Instead of one cycle representing a second, hour or even a year, one revolution of the clock is supposed to symbolize one human lifetime, a 72 year cycle. The piece, worn around the neck resting over heart, with a transparent face allowing the user to read the clock from either side. The optimist watching time moving forward, or viewed from the other side, the pessimist watching the clock counting down." - Todd Bracher


Audio Membranes headset by Paul Loebach

"Audio Membranes are perhaps the most distilled representation of what headphones are. The ultra minimally designed headset consists simply of two flat membranes are actually vibration speakers, which turn whatever surface the come into contact with (typically, your ears) into a small speaker. The speakers are cushioned with a soft foam and joined by a super-thin titanium wire, keeping the membranes light and comfortable." - Paul Loebach


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