Woodkid Chair by Andréason & Leibel
by Harry / May 11, 2014

Andréason & Leibel's Woodkid chair is constructed entirely out of square wood beams with angular joints, each stick placed by hand and eye so that every joint lines up in space.

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Details: says Andréason & Leibel, Woodkid is "A new take on a classic stick chair but with square sticks instead of round, it looks simple but it's a carpenters nightmare - only right angles but not a single right angle."


Designers: Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel are known for their work in architectural lighting design having collaborated with lighting company Ateljé Lyktan on several products, with the latest, "Quad", awarded with a red dot design award in 2012. Their studio is situated in the centre of Malmö, Sweden.



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