Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhlé
by Harry / May 2, 2014

Personal space heater: Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhlé is a portable alternative to central heating, sleekly presentable in aluminum and oak, designed to warm a small, personal area.

Details: Electrically powered, plugs in. Created for Italian designer heating manufacturer, TUBES Radiatori. The Kangeri name references the centuries old Kanger, a pot of hot embers carried for warmth under traditional clothing by the Kashmiri people of northern India.


Designer: Architect/designer Satyendra Pakhlé trained at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Art Centre College of Design Europe (Switzerland), was part of the pioneering new digital products team during the 1990s at Philips Design, and currently heads Satyendra Pakhalé Associates, in Amsterdam.



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