Bogue Mask Aroma Diffuser by Antonio Gardoni for Rua Confettora 17
by Harry / March 27, 2014

Perfumery: Bogue Mask Aroma Diffuser by Antonio Gardoni is an intriguing way to scent a room, visually inspired by the filtering face mask, operating with a few drops of perfume on the terracotta inner surface, like the included Bogue PROFUMO Rue de Bois.

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Details: Limited edition, in natural white glaze (69 pieces) and gold leaf (16 pieces), with beech wood handle. Handcrafted in Italy by ceramicist Fausto Salvi.


Gardoni's Rue de Bois perfume is created for the home from all-natural ingredients. Branded by Rua Confettora 17, a design store/gallery in Brescia, Italy, and online.


Designer: Architect/designer/perfumer Antonio Gardoni has worked with Ron Arad, is a cofounder of London-based architectural design firm Jump Studios and is a professor of industrial and interior design in Brescia, Italy.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.

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