MX3D Metal Printing by Joris Laarman Lab
by Harry / February 20, 2014

Drawing with metal in mid-air: MX3D Metal Printing by Joris Laarman Lab introduces a new 3D printing process that allows a variety of metals - stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper - to be formed directly in the air, in any location, on any surface, with no enclosure required and no excess material to be removed.

Details: Large-scale, multiple-axis 3D printing is achieved with the fusion of a robotic arm and an advanced welding machine, that allows printing directly from CAD software. Developed in collaboration with Dutch automation experts, Acotech, with support from Autodesk.


Designer: Joris Laarman Lab, formed in Amsterdam in 2004 by designer/artist Joris Laarman and film maker Anita Star, engages in experimental work with emerging technologies, digital fabrication and computational design, and collaborates internationally with craftsmen, scientists and other creators.


Joris Laarman Lab's MX3D Metal Printing will be used for the creation of a new sculptural bench during an exhibition at the Friedman Benda gallery in New York in May 2014.


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