Tube Map Radio by Yuri Suzuki
by Harry / February 14, 2014

Self-explanatory: Tube Map Radio by Yuri Suzuki explains its own inner workings with annotations and a map-like layout of the printed circuit board its built on, an idea inspired by an electrical diagram created by draftsman Harry Beck to spoof his own iconic, color-coded, widely copied London subway map (introduced in 1933).

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Details: Intended to make the complexity of modern electronics understandable by creating a familiar narrative. "Iconic landmarks on this map are represented by components relating to their functions, including a speaker where Speaker's Corner sits and a battery representing Battersea Power Station."


Designer: Yuri Suzuki is sound artist, designer and electronic musician. In 2013, with Mark McKeague, he co-founded Dentaku Ltd, "combining sound, design and technology."


Source: Tube Map Radio was part of Showcase, an exhibition held from November 2 to 4, 2013 at EDGE in Shibuya, Tokyo.


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