teTRIKs Apartment by Petar Zaharinov
by Harry / December 23, 2013

Petar Zaharinov has converted a communist era flat in Sofia, Bulgaria into a "tricky human-scale tetris game".

The flat is located in a typical large-panel system building in Sofia and consists of one multifunctional room that operates as a living room and bedroom at the same time, a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor, and a large balcony divided into glazed and unglazed parts.


"These kind of buildings are very restrictive in terms of rearrangements because all the walls are made of reinforced concrete and most of them are load-bearing; moreover, the budget did not allow replacement of the interior doors." says Zaharinov.


"The goal of the refurbishment was to turn the apartment into a place appropriate for young people, providing enough flexibility at an affordable price."


"The decision was to turn all of the immovable 'heritage' - walls, ceilings, floors, and doors, together with the appliances, into a passive achromatic background, emphasizing the flexible assemblable wooden furniture and lighting."


"The flexibility is enhanced by the possibility of combining the modules from the different rooms, turning the whole flat into a tricky human-scale tetris game, inspiring the name of the project which is a combination of 'tetris' and 'tricks'."


"The biggest challenge was the main room which is supposed to accommodate many different functions - not only connected to working and sleeping but also to different social activities - from having dinner with friends to drinking tea and playing board games in more relaxed atmosphere."


"This requirement necessitated the adaptation of the bed to functions different from sleeping. It is the biggest furniture in the room and using it only as a bed would not leave space for placing sofas and low tables for example. The solution was to make it modular using five benches - three standard VBT and two standard VIB with backrests at the ends."


"The kitchen has a classic furniture arrangement typical for this kind of apartments, nevertheless the worktops are also assemblable and independent from the appliances, giving the possibility of rearrangements."


"The cabinets are also modular and equal to the ones in the corridor, bringing even more flexibility. They look decorative but their shape is actually very constructional and tectonic, providing a huge number of possible arrangements and assemblies."


"Their mobility is facilitated by the battens on which they are hung, eliminating the necessity of fastening them directly to the walls."

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