Noir & Bois / Bois & Blanc by Fédération Française de Design
by Harry / September 10, 2013

Two teams of 11 designers recently faced off in a creative challenge to develop wooden objects on the theme "Black and Wood vs. Wood and White".

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Alto Mezzo by Jonathan Le Monnier

Designer Piergil Fourquié (with the help of Pierre Dubourg and Elise Fauveau with the Federation Française de Design) decided to gather a group of young designers he met over the past seven years with the goal of creating a collective "where everyone has freedom of self-expression without any hierarchical bond" says the designer.


Aura by Jacopo Ferrari

"Thus no design 'stars', no unintelligible text, an accessible design, simple typologies, a genuine spirit reminding everyone that design is a part of everyday life and that every object surrounding us (from the most ordinary to the fanciest), has been thought and designed."


Caba by Elise-Fauveau

Each team developed a series of wooden objects labeled with the team's color, by either adding another material and/ or by painting. The goal was to encourage each team's creativity and to help new talents emerge.


Coupes by Charles Seuleusian

"As in a true sport contest, the pieces will confront each other on a ring, in a thrilling head-to-head beneath Louvre's pyramid. It will be up to visitors to decide which team will be the winner by voting on the website:"


Fit by Marta Polenghi

The winning team will be awarded the first French Cup of Design at the end of Paris Design Week.


Le sel et le poivre by Pierre-Dubourg

"It's up to you to vote!"


Les-les by Piergil-Fourquié


Les Clubs by Piergil Fourquié


Niché by Quentin Simonin


Tresse by Mickaël Dejean


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