Video: Incertitudes Sound Activated Clothing by Ying Gao
by Harry / September 7, 2013

Dressmaker pins react in Incertitudes Sound Activated Clothing by Ying Gao, garments, exploring uncertainty, whose name says it all, in PVFD plastic, pins and underlying electronics.

Says Gao, "Individuals are pressured by time and technical innovation; they live in a divided present with an uncertain future. They exist in a transitory state, always on-the-go out of fear of 'missing the boat', and believing that they are never in the right place at the right time. A hypermodern individual is a being of the here-and-now, pressured by a logic of urgency, and worried about the future."


Montreal-based Ying Gao collaborated with robotics designer Simon Laroche.


On display now at New York Fashion Week until September 12, 2013 at Super Pier, at Madrid Fashion Week September 17, the Centre de design UQAM Montreal from November 14 to December 15 and at the Textile Museum of Canada in Spring 2014.






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