Mt. Mudung Seoseokdae Cruets and Vase sets by Nothing Design Group
by Harry / August 27, 2013

The pillar-shaped joint cliff of Mt. Mudeung national park in Korea, the product of prehistoric volcanic activity, is the inspiration for a series of cruets and vases by Nothing Design Group.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Formed in the process of eruption from the cooling and contraction of lava, the Mt. Mudeung pillars are shaped in the form of polygons, such as a hexagon.


The cruets and vase sets are shaped in the same way. The sets can be combined into three or six or more, mimicking the natural formations.


Part of a series of special souvenirs celebrating Mt. Mudeung national park in Gwang-ju City, the cruets and vases are a collaborative project with the Gwang-ju Design Center.


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