Strømg Lumps Leaks Pendant by Gonçalo Antunes de Azevedo
by Harry / July 30, 2013

547 different pieces of polypropylene routed with a three-axis CNC make up a "peanut", aka Strømg Lump Leaks, a ceiling lamp.

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"The lamps are manufactured by hand, mechanically, digitally, industrially, according to the client needs, budget and concept. The result of the whole process, close to design and architecture, is revealed in its final materialization. Lamp Lumps are unique." says de Azevedo.


The self supporting interlocking pieces, which require no gluing, screwing or nailing, consist of 547 pieces of polypropylene routed with a three-axis CNC.


"The first name Strømg is the junction of the English term strong with the Danish surname Strøm. Strong, because it is a robust three- dimensional puzzle witch form is the result of small variations in each of the pieces."


"Strøm, because this work is an homage to Holger Strøm and his IQ Lamp. Also, as a curiosity, Strøm means electricity in Danish. The Lump Leaks surnames suggest, for instance, the leaking drops of water or the leaking of information."


"The abstraction of the concept results, morphologically, in a piece that is the materialisation of the metaball modeling technique that was widely used by pioneers of digital media in architecture in the 1990's."


Photos: ©Alexandre Delmar, João Messias.



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