Cluc Toy, Nightstand-house and Feeder by Laia Fusté
by Harry / July 19, 2013

Cluc is an object collection designed for cats.


Cluc Toy

Laia Fusté is a product designer who is about to graduate from the Elisava school of design in Barcelona, says she "I wanted to show you my last project, the final degree project, which is about sharing life with pets."


"We live between animals (dogs, cats, birds...). We share our home with them. We sleep with them, play with them, travel with them, take care of them, teach them, learn from them..."


Cluc Feeder

"Normally considering their company as an important part of our life. But that's not all we do, we also project our own image on them."


"We realise this fact because of the objects we design for them: human useful objects scaled for pets, without taking into account its morphology and psychology."


Cluc Nightstand-house

"Cluc is an object collection designed for cats that not only consider their psychology, perception and morphology, but emphasize the act of sharing life with humans, becoming hibrid objects, objects for both."


The collection includes three objects: a nightstand-house, a feeder to share human leftovers and a toy.


"Each one of them has been studied with three different materials (wicker, ceramics and olive wood) and with three craftsmen from Alt Empordà (Catalonia): a basket maker, a potter and a wood turner respectively."


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