B&B Caravans by ARTandADVICE: Caravan by Linde Hermans
by Harry / July 13, 2013

Offering an overnight experience of "back to basics with design, originality and art," B&B Caravans by ARTandADVICE is a collection of nine vintage travel trailers, "dreamlike sleeping units" by local architects, designers and fashion designers, originally created as accommodation for Manifesta 9, the most recent running of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, held last year in Limburg, Belgium. Above, Caravan by Linde Hermans.

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Says Linde Hermans of her caravan (pictured here), "I use existing and symbolic elements and rework or combine them into a strong contemporary image that functions within the data."


"For the inside of the caravan I collected old, white caravan curtains. I reworked them into a major figurative sky above the bed."


"The outside of the caravan is the bathroom: the recognizable horizontal line of the caravan is emphasized in a mirror so the green surroundings and the horizon are visible for 360 degrees. You can brush your teeth in the middle of nature."




ARTandADVICE is a Belgian art consultancy agency based in Hasselt. The bed and breakfast caravans are now up for auction.

+ lindehermans.be
+ artandadvice.com


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