ttmm (after time) watchface apps by Albert Salamon
by Harry / July 10, 2013

Designer Albert Salamon has created a series of clock applications featuring dots and bars for Pebble and Kreyos smart watches.

The apps are specially designed for smartwatches with black and white 144×168 pixel screens. "Because they are made of pure energy (they are more like ghosts than real things) they have a low cost of production, distribution and storing thus making the ttmm apps the most ecological ever to have existed." says Salamon.


"ttmmchart looks like it's come from a world of shreadsheets. Hours and minutes are shown in bar relations."


"attmm - is simple graphics watchface. Line shows hours, dots cover minutes."


"digittmm - is watchface app with no necessary explanation. Just watch digitime position."


"ninettmm - hours are shown by big numbers, minutes are in 6 groups of 9 dots, each dot representing a single minute. After 10 minutes the group transforms into one square. When 30 minutes pass a long rectangle appears."


"ttmmgrid - each hour is represented by the position and size of a multilpled square figure. Minutes are in the middle of that grid."

Programming: Michal Zylinski.

The apps will be available on the Pebble App Store later in 2013.


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