Spaceframe by Wire by Han Koning
by Harry / July 8, 2013

Dutch designer Han Koning wanted to interact with a large scale 3D wireframe - in real space - so he built one.

"In general I have been very interested in the principal of a wire frame model and the spatial qualities it has. Wireframes usually exist merely on the screen of our computer desktop." says Koning.

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"An abstract form we can rotate and zoom in and out on. We add surface, apply material and lighting to resemble something realistic. I have been wanting to make tangible large scale wireframe models for a long time."


"Just to be able to walk around it, zoom in and out on it. And be able to touch it. Or just enjoy the live scale object."


"One of the two frames is black and made from carbon roving cured with epox. This type is built in my development room and can be transported to location. The other one is made with colored (neon yellow) nylon wire, and fabricated on a specific location, reacting on a given space."


"I see these frames as a special inside a building. suspended from wall and ceiling. Overhead, above a boardroom table or wherever else. Every composition is unique, and the principal is about tensioning wire material."


Photos: Arjan Kremer.


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