Wooden Panton by Matthias Brandmaier
by Harry / June 27, 2013

A single tree trunk and skill with a chainsaw has resulted in a solid wood rendering of the classic Panton Chair.

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Says Brandmaier, "This single piece of furniture was cut out of one beech trunk with a chainsaw. The idea was to translate the original design of Verner Panton into another material, which requires a different structural form and transforms the chair according to the material."


"The aesthetics of the rough cut chair are in contrary to the original sleek and thin design from the late sixties."


"As this approach seems pretty wasteful on the material, this method of production is of course only possible in a small scale manufacturing, where the redundant wood was used for other objects and sculptures."


"The Wooden Panton is a single object, which explores the change of forms according to different materials."


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