Ad Tempus Dessert Plating by Henry Richmond V. Young
by Harry / June 21, 2013

A collaborative effort between a designer and a chef, Ad Tempus is a series of dessert plates that explore the future of food and presentation with 3D printing.

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Milk/Tea - a "soup" course that is created by the performance of two state changes: hot rose milk will be poured over to dissolve a lemon sugar dome to later melt the chrysanthemum sorbet served with pomegranate seeds.

"Ad Tempus is the conversation between food and design. The collaborative effort between designer and chef results in a series of dessert plating that understands the symbiotic relationship between food, presentation, and diner." says Henry Richmond V. Young.


"Following the temporality of menus, Ad Tempus is designed to adapt and evolve. By working with Chef Veronica Duboise directly, the thesis of conversation in design with food, product, and user is further strengthened."


"Through heavy ideation and constant dialogue, the idea of exploration and discovery came about and is highlighted throughout a three-course dessert tasting."


Crémeux - is a quasi-deconstructed crème brûlée: pistachio crémeux with chocolate mousse guarded underneath a shield of a clear vanilla sugar tuille to be hacked by the diner.

"This project is a proposition for the future of 3D printing. Ad Tempus will be using 3D printing as a mode of manufacturing with the sense of small-batch production, moving away from the term 'rapid prototyping.'"


"This project aims to better understand the flow of dinnerware usage and the seasonality of menus in restaurants. 3D printing will avoid excess cost of tooling, provide the freedom to change material and form, and ignore the concept of batch minimums."

Photos: Martin Seck


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