Boxed Multi-functional and Adaptable Furniture by Tyrone Stoddart
by Harry / June 5, 2013

Boxed. It can be a coffee table, a desk, two stools and a lamp.

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Boxed is a system of multi-functional and adaptable furniture created by Tyrone Stoddart. The coffee table, desk, stools and lamp can be extended by the simple introduction of another part to suit the user's need.


The parts can then collapse back down to their most basic form, allowing them to be returned to the case that they are stored inside.


"Chalara or ash dieback as it is more commonly known, is a disease that is wiping out ash trees all over the UK. The concept of BOXED is not only to be an incredible useful and functional piece of furniture but also to educate the customer about ash dieback and the use of materials in all their products." says Stoddart.


"With this in mind, a small pouch of ash seeds is given to the consumer to go out and re-plant to ensure that there is an understanding of the problem of dieback but also to replenish the materials that have been used in this project."


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