Craft System lamps (N˚16 to N˚ 21) by François Chambard
by Harry / May 29, 2013

François Chambard's Craft System lamps (N˚16 to N˚ 21) consist of multiple variations of a simple shape, showcasing work that "transcends the quality of the mass-produced and the quality of the handmade" says the designer. They also operate off-the-grid, self-sufficient without reliance on public utilities.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Above: Craft System #18, red and brass oil lamp, and Craft System #17, the black hurricane, are totally new pieces, true off-the-grid pieces by not being plugged in. Craft System #7, the red spandex cube, was part of the initial Craft System collection and is the only lamp that is plugged in.

The lamps are the continuation of the Craft System collection introduced at Wanted Design in 2012. The basic tapered Corian shape can take multiple configurations by being combined with different bottom and top attachments.


Above: Craft System #19, the wooden cage, Craft System #20, the bucket lamp, and Craft System #21, the black and grey oil lamp, are also new pieces, and true Off the Grid pieces as well.


Craft System Lamps are currently being shown at Off the Grid, an exhibition which runs through June 6th, 2013 at Gallery R'Pure in New York.

Photos: Francis Dzikowski/ Esto.


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