2 or (3...) Questions for Josee Lepage & Guillaume Sasseville About Olympic
by Harry / May 16, 2013

Dumbbells have long been the iconic symbol of fitness regimens. Independent curator Josee Lepage and designer Guillaume Sasseville have gone one step further and monumentalized the dumbbell, in marble.

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Called Olympic, the dumbbells were created for the 2 BOND exhibition for New York Design Week 2013. We asked Lepage & Sasseville a few questions about these new monuments to fitness.

Why marble dumbbells?

Lepage: Guillaume and I were talking about his marble stool (part of the Wanted@Quebec show at Wanted Design) and its weight ... then I thought ... weight = dumbbell ... would be cool to make marble dumbbell ... et voila. He designed them and I had them produced here in Brooklyn.

Sasseville: Yes!

Are they real dumbbells? Can they be used for working out?

Lepage: Absolutely ... fancy one though ... what's interesting is one is 2.02 kg and the other 2.05 kg ... I guess the weight will vary depending on the marble, which makes it very unique ...

Sasseville: Fully made to be used, dimensions and weight. One thing I like to think about is the idea of having a real piece of land in hand, back to simple as training could be... Ok, with a touch of elegance. We named the project "Olympic".

It's kind of fitting a dumbbell in marble, most of us end up not using them (at least regularly), was the idea to make this fitness equipment attractive so that it would gather dust more elegantly?

Lepage: ahahaha ... yes totally, I think if you leave your dumbbell out in the living room or bedroom why not have beautiful ones like these ...

Sasseville: Marble dumbbells will last, beautiful like the first day they were made... better to use them to keep the shape. lol.


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