Eyescream by Merche Alcalá and Marion Dönneweg
by Harry / March 19, 2013

From the creators of the wildly popular Happy Pills candy store in Barcelona, an ice cream shop for a peculiar, if not ugly, ice cream.

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After becoming Eyescream

"This ice cream is imported from Taiwan, and is somewhat peculiar. Peculiar if not ugly." say the designers from m Barcelona. "We've given it a creative spin from the beginning, and from within the product. It's one of those integrated projects we like, putting together interior design and graphic design (and marketing, and naming, and strategy, and industrial design and packaging, and, and, and ...)."


Before becoming Eyescream

New to Europe, the popular ice cream from Taiwan is not particularly attractive, "but rather ugly: an amorphous mass of ice cream with lots of sauces and toppings falling above and the sides."


"We started a 'deconstruction', separating the ice cream and toppings. As key creative twist, we put two sugar eyes on the top of this ice cream mountain, making it a character-monster that looks you in the eyes and immediately gives it life and personality."


"The effect you get with a some simple eyes is just amazing."


From there, the naming became self evident, "Eyescream, which in English is pronounced like ice cream, but also makes direct reference to the eyes. We invented a monster and a character for each flavor."


"Then we developed a very sophisticated packaging but with a very simple and economical construction: a kind of tray that fit the ice cream container and two containers for toppings (jam, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc.)."


With regards to the location "we realized that the selfservice formula would best fit the product. We built wooden low cost boxes for selfservice, concentrating all the consumer experience."



Agency: Estudio m Barcelona
Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
Interior Design: Merche Alcalá
Client: Joad López, Federico Mendoza
Naming: Jorge Virgós
Production: Sandra Coll
Photographer: Daniel Loewe

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