Elliptical Icehotel Artsuite by Gaston Vacaflores and Geertje Jacob
by Harry / January 13, 2013

Elliptical is the name of the first interactive artsuite made of ice and snow at the Jukkasjärvi, Sweden ICEHOTEL.

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Guests of the room are invited to interact and play a game of marbles - made of ice - that run in a groove along the wall into a bowl at the end of the bed.


A marble track made of ice begins in the walls of Artsuite #322. When the balls finish rolling down the wall track they then roll along the sides of the elliptical bed and are collected in a bowl in the floor.


The lightdesign supports the idea of a dynamic, interactive room. "To us, the room is the sculpture, and therefore we work with the overall structure and totality rather than focusing on details." say Vacaflores and Jacob.


"The elliptical form is clear and pure and it was surprising to see it work so well with the room's arched vault."


Elliptical took three weeks in November to create and will melt by Spring.


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