Video: Floating Lights by Travesias de luz
by Harry / December 20, 2012

Simulating oversized TV screen pixels, a grid of interactive, backlit inflatable floaters was Travesias de luz's installation at Lyon's just held 2012 light festival.

(Click the images below for full sized images)

Floating Lights is a conceptual lighting installation that invites passersby to "switch it on".


Designed for La Fête des Lumières 2012 in Lyon, France, the installation combines simple parts, multicoloured floaters, LED lights and switches, with game-like interaction in an urban space.


Say Travesias de luz, "We wanted to convey our concept of light as a game within urban spaces and make available to the public of all ages a basic system of lights and colours."


"This large project has two giant low resolution screens of 10x3m. Each screen consists of 100 colored light tubes with a switch in the central part."


"We proposed visitors touch our lights and have fun powering on and off each float and be carried away by their creativity and ingenuity writing messages, words, pictures or just enjoy the experience."




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