Pétrifications Bookmarks by Krzysztof J. Lukasik
by Harry / December 14, 2012

An avid reader, ÉCAL/ MAS-Luxe 2012 student Krzysztof J. Lukasik created a series of solid stone bookmarks to save the pages for later.


Says Lukasik, "It was inspired by my own experience as a reader who, when interrupted in his reading, too often left his book opened at the page he was reading, on a table or on the floor."


Pétrifications is a collection of five triangular geometrical forms of different dimensions, made of various kinds of stones, and destined to be used as bookmarks for for various types of books, magazines and newspapers.


"The choice of this material was first prompted to me by a will to echo the «marbled paper» used for the covers of old books in traditional bookbinding."


"It then also originates from a wish to divert this material, which is too often limited to tombstones, from its common use ; to give back its nobleness to marble - that used to be the stone temples and palaces were made of - and to usher it into our homes through the front door."




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