Process - The Performance of Matter Teapot'set by João Abreu Valente
by Harry / November 27, 2012

João Abreu Valente's tea set is derived from a single teapot mold.

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A single ceramic teapot mold was used to produce an entire tea set in João Abreu Valente's Teapot'set. By using a fixed amount of liquid clay to make the whole set, the production of each object leaves less clay to make each subsequent object.


In addition, the coloring of the clay is a visual translation of the same process, the first casting reveals the initial mixing of two different colors that eventually start to blend into a single color as the clay is poured in and out of the mold, continuing the process.


It's part of Valente's 'Process - The Performance of Matter' project that focuses on process as the starting point for design. Says the designer, "Today, the expression 'form follows function' is no longer a representative statement of the design world. The shift has gone toward more honest materialization of design thinking, which is the process."


"To that end, I use a liquid method of research to question the functional meaning of the process and to explore the idea of having objects that produce other objects."


"In the future objects should become a clear representation of their own process, for the consumer to have a better understanding of the way objects (world) are being produced."


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