Abracadabrapp by Honest & Smile
by Harry / November 22, 2012

The creators of the world's first handmade video mixer for iPhone have now made a smaller, portable version with a Moleskine notebook.

Abracadabrapp is an iPhone 4 & 4S accessory that simultaneously records "front" and "back" views in one single, split screen image. It's also the first Moleskine notebook that works as an analog application for iPhone.


The product is based on a slightly altered original 3.5 x 5.5 inch reporter notebook.


Says Honest & Smile, "it can be used to record two-sided videos in one single shot - very useful to record conversations, create surprising visual effects with its rotating mirror, or manually filter images with the 3 HANDYFILTERS included (a kind of analog Instagram :-) Indeed, the iPhone slider attached to the notebook's cover turns it all into a handy iPhone stand, too."

+ abracadabrapp.com


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