Booleanos Chest of Drawers by Joel Escalona
by Harry / November 15, 2012

Joel Escalona's "boolean" chest of drawers features a set of two drawers with a third that intersects the two.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Though the name, and the outward appearance, suggests George Boole's algebraic system of logic from the mid 19th century, according to Escalona Booleanos is "inspired by construction and de-construction, which are based on the material finishes."


"Based in concepts used in architecture, art and geometry, such as deconstruction,
addition/subtraction and transparencies this cabinet was conceived."


"By using different wood finishes, each rectangular piece has components apparently similar, which when combined, create colors and textures totally different, exalting the richness of the materials."


Booleanos was commissioned by Glocal Design Magazine and materials brand Masisa for the opening of the "Hecho en México" exhibition during Design Week México 2012.


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