Mandalight by Michou van Gennip
by Harry / October 24, 2012

Michou van Gennip's Mandalight can flex into various shapes and fold flat for shipping.

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Van Gennip's pendant light emerged from the idea of creating a floating light, so lightweight that it looks as if it is suspended in the air, virtually weightless.


Inspired by the ethereal luminescence of Thai floating lanterns and fireflies, the result is Mandalight, a radiant sculpture dotted with tiny brilliant LED lights.


The lamp's adjustable wire structure is made of bronze, stainless steel and copper and can expand to 1.30 metres or shrink to less than 20 centimetres. The entire design weighs only a few kilos.


"The shape is based on Buddhist Mandala circles," Van Gennip explains. "The 60 fixtures are also hinges in the structure and this makes them into the essential elements in the design. The intensity of light can be determined by changing the assumed form and/or by dimming the light with a remote."

Mandalight is being shown at the Graduation12 show at Design Academy Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2012.

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