Preserved Knowledge by Cleo de Brabander
by Harry / October 23, 2012

Cleo de Brabander asked some seniors how food was preserved before the advent of the refrigerator and then created objects to preserve both food, and the method.

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A rubber apple-trivet gives apples space, stacked on top of each other they rot quicker.

In fact de Brabander began the project by making a documentary in which elderly people tell how they used to preserve food before the refrigerator was invented.


A rubber cheese box with space for some sugar, the sugar regulates the humidity and the cheese remains edible longer.

Says she, "I am inspired by how we value our food and how this has changed over time. Food is something we are confronted with every day. But the generation of today lives in a haze of ignorance when it comes to our nutrients."


A lemon bowl filled with a thin layer of vinegar, leftover halves placed on top stay good for another week.

"A gigantic waste of food is only possible in a society where food has lost its value and the moral sense that wasting food is wrong is lost."


"With this contemporary series of kitchen products, existing out of a cheese cover, an apple rack and a lemon dish, I want to create awareness, educate and increase the value of our food. I see my project as a 3D documentation of the knowledge and values on food, which are otherwise disappearing."


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