Huddle Bulb Shade by David Graas
by Harry / October 17, 2012

David Graas' 3D printed shade wraps a bulb in a huddle of modern skyscrapers.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Huddle is a 3D printed light shade showing a modern cityscape of high rise buildings huddling close together. Directly mounted on an included LED bulb there's no need for a fixture.


Says Graas, "Just like the penguins in the Antarctic huddle to survive the extreme cold during the winter time also people have taken on huddling as a strategy for survival. The mega city, despite its many problems, seems to be our destined habitat now that resources are becoming scarce. The mega city also hold the key to a sustainable future with its concentration of information, technology and talent."


"Soon 3d printing will be a standard feature of modern city infrastructure with a 3d print shop on every street corner. A whole new way of making things without the usual transport of materials and products. Only the digital data defining these products travelling the globe."



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