Knit Fort by Matt Gagnon
by Harry / September 20, 2012

After 10 years of making illuminated "knit" columns with hundreds, or thousands, of wood sticks, Matt Gagnon Studio is now producing an occupiable version called the Knit Fort.

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What began as an architectural model turned into a table lamp called Squeeze Lamp and became in some cases 14 foot tall columns of light supported by 8,000 sticks. But, as Gagnon says, "it was not possible to occupy these structures."


The Knit Forts can be used for play spaces or contemplative retreats. Based on the same assembly technique as the Squeeze Lamps, the forts are flexible wooden enclosures ideal for kids and adults alike. Although the initial forts are small, the assembly can be scaled up in size to accommodate larger applications such as terrace sun shades or break out rooms in open plan offices.


"Once inside the fort there is a surprising physical experience beyond the visual delight of dappled sunlight. There is a pleasant sense of feeling hidden while still being visible. As one relaxes against the surface it deforms and conforms to the weight of the lean. The organic form wraps the interior like a comfortable blanket. For the play version various panels can open and close to encourage interior/exterior game play."

Each Squeeze Lamp or Knit Fort is custom made to accomodate site conditions. The studio works with craftsman in Colombia to produce the hand oiled wood sticks for final assembly in Los Angeles.


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