The Journey Of Sebastian Errazuriz
by Harry / September 1, 2012

To celebrate the launch of his new monograph The Journey Of Sebastian Errazuriz, and the past 10 years of professional work, Sebastian Errazuriz will be throwing a party at the Rove Gallery during London Design Week where he'll also be showing some hand carved wooden models.

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The Journey Of Sebastian Errazuriz published by Gestalten

In conjunction with the book launch Errazuriz be unveiling a selection of finely carved models in addition to drawings and blueprints of some of his most iconic pieces.


Drowning In Debt Salt and Pepper Shakers by Sebastian Errazuriz

The book highlights his thought provoking works ranging from Christian Popsicles to greed on Wall Street and its effects on main street (above).


Metamorphosis model

Each wood model is crafted with a level of detail and obsession that surpasses any possible functional requirement as a maquette and becomes instead a miniature sculpture.


Says Errazuriz, "we worked on [these] beyond exhaustion until we felt we had nothing left to fix or improve on them".


Boat Coffin model

The models capture the intimacy and poetry behind each one of Sebastian's life size functional pieces.


Boat Coffin by Sebastian Errazuriz, photo: Juergen Frank

The Boat Coffin model was based on a real life work, seen here above, which will also be shown at the Rove Gallery launch.


Regarding the show and book launch Errazuriz continues, "What's incredible is we even managed to convince Errazuriz Winery in Chile (same name, different family) to support us with a limited edition bottle of wine in our 10 year anniversary."


"I have given everything I had for 10 years; obsessively churning out more than 30 projects a year and believe its finally time to celebrate and rest before we bring out the big guns and tackle the next second decade of work."

The book launch and design exhibition takes place at Kenny Schachter's Rove Gallery in London from September 19 to 22, 2012.

The book The Journey Of Sebastian Errazuriz is available at Gestalten.


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