Pack! Bags by Alei Verspoor
by Harry / August 10, 2012

RCA Textiles MA graduate Alei Verspoor has created a modular system of bags using lo-tech "rapid manufacturing" techniques: folding and basic weaving.

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Pack is a modular system based on the idea of design for disassembly, in essence a set of components that are assembled to create a range of accessories by folding and basic weaving.


Each of the Pack components is made of one material and has one function, which makes it easy to replace, repair and recycle components when they are worn out or when the user wants a different look.


The Pack components have a simple shape, which makes it possible to assemble and use them in many different ways: to create backpacks, duffel bags, laptop bags and when strapped onto benches, seating.


Pack is also pattern. Through its construction, the weaving and folding and assembling of differently coloured and printed components, three-dimensional check patterns are created, that continue to evolve over time, as components are replaced or added.

Verspoor's Pack! concept will be shown as part of the SustainRCA section of the Design for the Real World exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London in September 2012.


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