Porthole Drink Infuser by Martin Kastner
by Harry / August 8, 2012

Martin Kastner has created a circular infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, and more, with glass sides for the view.

The idea for Porthole came during a conversation Kastner was having with bar chefs preparing for the opening of Chicago restaurant the Aviary. Says Kastner, "We were discussing 'fast infusions' - cocktails evolving during the course of the time it takes to serve them - and it occurred to me that what we're really looking for is a window into another world, space, and time."


A small batch of the Porthole vessels was hand-crafted at Crucial Detail design studio for use at the Aviary.


Tequila Ginger Apricot cocktail at the Aviary

At the Aviary, Porthole is used to create, display, and serve a variety of time-lapse infusions for seasonal cocktails.


After several Aviary guests requested to purchase the vessel, "including some who, when told they couldn't buy one, have taken it upon themselves to 'liberate' them from the lounge" Kastner decided to bring the Porthole to production.


The production version of Porthole holds 390ml /13 fl oz of liquid, is made of precision ground tempered low iron glass, food grade Delrin, and stainless steel. Each Porthole comes with a set of three photo-etched stainless steel filter screens of varying densities and a flexible silicone cap.

+ Porthole at Kickstarter
+ crucialdetail.com


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