Ingrain Bench by Rodrigo Caula
by Harry / July 24, 2012

Rodrigo Caula has attempted to recapture "that lost feeling of connectedness with our environment" and has set out to build a symbol of his city's metamorphosis.

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In the form of a symbolic representation of a fallen tree, Caula's work is a public bench currently on display on Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia.


"The city of Vancouver has a past that is bound intimately to the land. It owes its success as a city to its stunning landscape and its wealth of natural resources." explains Caula.


"Vancouver was once a temperate rainforest and was thickly covered in magnificent trees."

"By working alongside the City of Vancouver, we were able to get our hands on a fallen old-growth Douglas-fir from Stanley Park that dates back to 1807."


"This allowed us to fully immerse ourselves into the process step by step; from tree to furniture."


"In utilizing the 205 year old giant, we create a story through the manipulation of the wood and how it creates a connection to Vancouver."


"The compound facets are a symbol of how time can manipulate form as it does with weathered rock, or like the growth of our precious trees."



Caula's intention is to give new life to the 205-year-old Coastal Douglas-fir "and to use its story as the foundation of a movement that seeks to better respect our precious resources."

Created in collaboration with Brian Tong and Karston Smith.


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