75% Control Chair & Stool by Dafi Reis Doron
by Harry / June 27, 2012

RCA Product Design student Dafi Reis Doron's final project transforms traditional cushion material, polyurethane foam usually hidden underneath fabric, into a fabric-like, upholstered surface.

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Says Reis Doron, "75% control is a new process of creating furniture which involves using traditional cushion material - polyurethane foam that is usually hidden under the fabric."


"The foam is poured into the final wooden structure and expands in it. In this way, the foam locks and sticks the furniture structure and 'grows' a tactile surface that has a fabric look and feel."


"The use of an open mold allows the organic free shape of the material to create the synthesised object - a sharply defined structure with the 'unperfected' look of the foam."


"My approach in design is always to look for the next generation of products. Learning from traditional skills and progress technologies, my purpose is to make products that use knowledge of both, in order to create the future typology of objects."


"My research is primarily concerned with the results of synthesising past and present techniques and their associated resolutions: the sharp, hi-res machined finish and that of the handmade."


"Focusing on knitting and fabrics, I created three different processes, the aim being to predict how handmade fabrics will look and be manufactured in the future."

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