Koloro Desk & Stools by Torafu Architects
by Harry / June 26, 2012

Torafu Architects have added new colours to their customizable Koloro workspace (that resembles a dollhouse).

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Koloro is part of Torafu's Ichiro-iro furniture collection designed for decorative plywood maker Ichiro.


Ichiro creates in-house blends for the paints used in its polyester plywood, "demonstrating a consistent dedication to supplying the right color that involves a willingness to custom-tint even single sheets" explains Torafu.


The concept for the Ichiro-iro series is that of "tools for the real you" - "iro" being the Esperanto word for "tool". The first items in the series are the Koloro-desk and Koloro-stool.


"Koloro" is also an Esperanto word, meaning color, and the koloro pieces have been designed to make optimum use of the vibrant polyester decorative plywood at which Ichiro excels.


First launched as prototypes in yellow and sky blue, the new colours include white, pink, khaki, and navy for a total of six available colours.


For the stool, it will now come in four colors including grey, dark grey, light-blue and green.


Magnets allow for smooth opening and closing of the windows, and the small doors on both the left and right have been adjusted to be used as shelves.

Photos: Akihiro Ito.

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