Dark Noon Watches by Nendo
by Harry / June 25, 2012

Japanese designer Nendo has designed a series of watches with black and white semi-transparent disks that create ever-changing patterns.

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There are five black "dark noon" watches in the collection for Danish watch company noon, who specializes in manufacturing and selling wristwatches that use the company's exclusive disk system.


Gear, a watch whose parts connect and look like the cogs in a clock.

Says nendo, "In most of noon's watches, the multi-colored semi-transparent disks create bright, ever-changing patterns as they move across each other."


Times, a watch with 12 small faces on which small watch hands revolve to tell the time.

"We decided to go with matte colours instead of semi-transparent ones, and chose black faces and white lines, accented with gold."


Line, a watch whose hour and minute hands are both expressed in dotted lines, creating a solid line when they cross.

"As a result, the disks' movement expresses our perception of the flow of time in a new way."


Chrono, a watch that borrows classic elements from the chronograph, but whose three small faces, moving simultaneously, become the watch itself.


Numbers, a watch whose separated parts meet exactly at 3, 6, 9 and 12pm, so that the numbers appear.

Photos: Hiroshi Iwasaki.

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+ nendo.jp


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