Wall Street Nation by Sebastian Errazuriz
by Harry / May 23, 2012

Street lines are dollar signs in Sebastian Errazuriz's latest art intervention.


Designer-artist Sebastian Errazuriz unveils his latest project, transforming street lines into dollar signs by simply painting a white letter S across each line. Says Errazuriz, "The goal is to express the fear and impotence that people are currently experiencing while seeing the growing greed that is transforming the way we live."


"I'm afraid greed is rapidly changing life as we know it; it's become normal that while home owners are being evicted, banks considered 'too big to fail' are shamelessly gambling with citizens money. The 99% are intimidated by their own police force while judges rule that companies have the same rights as people. Now corporations are pouring unregulated amounts of money into Super PACs to influence the elections and secure politicians that will continue to de-regulate the market and make them more money. It's all spiraling out of control; greed is taking over and people are loosing all sense of proportion and justice."


The artist hopes his painted dollar signs on street lines are taken up by others who also believe that greed has been taking over their cities and displacing their way of life. "If people feel impotent and cornered by how greed is transforming everything; I invite them to get a brush, a can of paint and go out and change their street lines into Dollar signs. People need to find new ways to remind others of the general discontent. I need to go and mark some Dollar signs on Wall Street..."

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