Zig Zag Mirror by Alberto Sánchez
by Harry / May 22, 2012

MUT DESIGN's Zig Zag is a modular mirror composed of 45 degree angle facets that offer unique reflections and views of the space it inhabits.

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Depending on the position of the user, Zig Zag offers different simultaneous views of the same object, says Sánchez "a beautiful palette of color that generates transitions or projects reflections through the different angles of its pieces, generating suggestive fields of vision and optical illusions."


"Faithful to the promise of creating designs whose final results depend on the participation of the user, MUT once more offers infinite possibilities, thanks to the modularity and the simple mounting system of this magic mirror and the ample versatility of its measurements and colors, which are inspired by the favorite landscapes of the team at MUT."


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