Cosmic Quilt by The Principals
by Harry / May 21, 2012

New York based The Principals have conceived, Kickstarted and produced a reactive quilt, seen here suspended from the ceiling, that interacts with users as they approach it.

The installation is currently being hosted at the Model Citizens NYC exhibition, located at 52 Mercer at Broome Street in Soho until May 21st, 2012.


According to The Principals, "The project aims to answer the question 'What if architecture responded to our presence?' This project is a realization of our ultimate ambition, which is to design spaces and objects that expand upon our understanding of the built realm without abandoning its history."


"Soon, just as we can sense a space as calm, contemplative or frenetic ... space itself will be able to sense our presence and react accordingly." With the help of 20 students from the Art Institute of New York a prototype of Cosmic Quilt was created; a combination of technology, sensors, micro controllers and motors, with traditional craft in the form of quilt making.


Quilt Coaster Set

To fund the Cosmic Quilt project The Principals also created a line of furnishings entitled Quilt.


Quilt Side Table

"We broke down scrap pieces in our shop into geometries we could 'stitch' together to create unique, larger pieces."


Quilt Fruit Bowl


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