Craft System Lights by François Chambard
by Harry / May 19, 2012

François Chambard of UM Project has launched a modular light series that consists of a common base unit and various attachments to customize the lamp.

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Called Craft System, the system has "one form, multiple variations" per Chambard, a basic tapered body element made of Corian and a series of attachments that range from lampshades to diffusers and a miniature greenhouse.


Chambard continues "Craft System is a project that takes a system approach to craft, blurring the line between the mass-produced and the handmade."


"In practice the project consists of multiple variations of a single Corian® form by attaching various tops and bottoms, yielding familiar designs and more playful and unexpected results."


"The multiple variations can be used for lamps and other unique objects including a terrrarium, a Theramin, and potentially many other ones."


"Craft System was just presented during New York Design Week 2012 with the intent of illustrating how small independent furniture companies like UM Project can turn their limited and hyper-specialized production capabilities into an advantage by enabling the production of market-ready series and one-off pieces at the same time."


Photos: Francis Dzikowski/ Esto


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