K% black&black Collection by Oki Sato
by Harry / April 12, 2012

Japanese design house Nendo, led by designer Oki Sato, will be debuting new design brand K% in Milan with an exhibition titled black&black. Above, the Gather pendant lamp.

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Pencil01 chairs

A first collection as art director for the Singaporean brand, says nendo, "black&black concentrates on perfecting the balance between structure and function in furniture, without the unnecessary distraction of new materials, technique and colour."


Heavy coffee tables

"It is an exploration of the fundamental elements of any object. As the name suggests, all the pieces in the collection are black."


Melt chair

The idea is best exemplified in Melt, "a chair whose outline describes a continuous curve from the back legs through the backrest, arm and front legs; a form in which all of the structural elements of a chair melt into one."


Rain shelving unit

K% was founded in 2011 by the award-winning Nendo design studio and K Projects from Singapore. K%'s aim is to make "quality furniture that is not only great and creative in its design, but also accessible and affordable."


Weave space divider

"Deceptively simple but surprisingly complex, K% collections encompass innovation both in the design thinking process and later in production. Little '!' moments are hidden within each product in an interesting manner. K% will be challenging the way one thinks about our surrounding environment, with products available for domestic and commercial spaces."

The black&black collection will be shown at Tortona Design Week from April 17 to
22, 2012 at the Carrozzeria, Via Tortona 32.

+ nendo.jp
+ kpercent.com


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