Ricochet Light by Daniel Rybakken
by Harry / April 1, 2012

Daniel Rybakken's Ricochet light explores the "exploded concept of a lamp, formed not only of multiple components, but by multiple objects too."

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Ricochet light

The Ricochet light and the Coherence light (see below) are conceptual projects researching light and the reflection of light.


Ricochet and Coherence stem from the experimentation begun with Rybakken's Colour light and Light Tray - the exploded concept of a lamp, formed not just of multiple components, but of multiple light objects. At the same time, the Ricochet light borrows the shift of direction of light explored by the Right Angle Mirror.


Coherence light

Says Rybakken, "The Coherence light on the other hand talks about light being another object you place on the table. Next to cutlery and dishes, you also set the table with the light source."


"This light source illuminates the massive dome suspended above, diffusing and softly reflecting the light back to the table."

Photos: Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken

The Ricochet light and the Coherence light will be shown as part of an installation at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan from April 17 to 22, 2012.

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