Disfatto Sofa, Armchair and Tables by Denis Guidone
by Harry / March 5, 2012

Designer Denis Guidone has created a collection of seating and tables that "has a changeable shape that naturally adapts to our needs".

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Two large cushions on the Disfatto sofa's bamboo base serve to delineate the portion for seating and the remainder that serves as a table.


The softer cushion backrest can be unfolded and used as a comforter when the sofa is used as a small daybed.


Says Guidone, "Disfatto contains a primordial idea of comfort, has a changeable shape that naturally adapts to our needs; changes its colors over the time and seasons."


"What characterizes it, is an essential structure on which rests a shape with soft lines, warm and friendly, which unhinge the principles of ergonomics and creates the perfect imperfections."

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