Arobo Air Purifier by Nendo
by Harry / March 1, 2012

Nendo has designed an air purifier that uses centrifugal force to move water.


The centrifugal force is created by water revolving in a tank that then draws the water into an upper chamber where a fan vaporizes the water into the air.


Water that isn't vaporized is caught by the sides of the compartment and returns to the tank.


Research into the most efficient form for the water's circulation determined the purifier's spherical shape.


Says nendo, "Locating the motor and controls at an angle above the tank allowed us to position the entry point for the electrical cord low to the ground for a clean look."


"Angling the form meant that the intake and outtake vents are a distance from each other, creating ideal air convection."

Photos: Hiroshi Iwasaki


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